features many of the same characteristics as the Single Hung. Instead of raising vertically, the sash opens horizontally. The Sliding Window is equipped with premium, adjustable tandem rollers which ensure smooth operation for many years to come.

THE DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW is the premier product in the Majestic Series. This window has two sash (window panes.) and both operate vertically to allow for optimal ventilation. The feature which distinguishes this window from that of our competitors is the truly welded corners with slope sill design. This unique trademark ensures long lasting performance. Our even sight line design enables you to maintain the beauty and crystal clarity of your windows from inside the home. Accessing the sash is easy. Simply depress the sash locks at the top of each window and tilt inward. The base of the sash have pivot hinges that will keep the sash attached to the frame. This window is also available in a single hung configuration.




1. Tilt-In Sash
2. 3 1/4” Frame Depth
3. 3/4” Standard or Optional 7/8” Glazing
4. Full Welded Frame & Sash
5. Accordion Gasket
6. Multi-Chamber Frame
7. Sloped Sill for Easy Cleaning
8. Aluminum Sash Stiffener

THE SINGLE HUNG WINDOW of the Majestic series provides excellent ventilation with a gentle vertical slide. The upper sash is fixed and the vent sash can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


feature a heavy 3 1/4” frame, out swing, rotary operator and butt hinged casement. In addition, the awning and casements feature:
• NEW Euro-style lock and handle
• NEW Truth’s Maxim Euro-style operators
• Custom aluminum butt hinges with a stainless steel pin
• U Factor as low as .30
• Double wall flush fin
• Flanged screen frame for “clean” look
• Extruded tubular aluminum screen frame for added strength
• Available in arch top styles

Standard Features:
• Multi point locking hardware
• Triple tier weather strip protection

• Available in 1” glazing
• Stainless hardware

Majestic Arch Top Casement & Awning Windows
The Majestic Arch Top Casement window will beautify your home for years to come. The contemporary design combines energy efficiency with fashionable style to produce an elegance that is unsurpassed in the industry. The Majestic Arch Top Casement features a unique hinge for extra stability, even sight line, fusion welded frame & sash and multi-chamber frame.


1. 3 1/4” Frame Depth
2. 1” or 7/8” Glazing
3. Full Welded Frame & Sash
4. Aluminum Sash Reinforcement
5. Multi-Chamber Frame
6. Awning Operators
7. Sash Hinge
8. Extruded Screen Frame


1. 3 1/4” Frame Depth
2. 7/8” Glazing or 1” Optional
3. Full Welded Frame & Sash
4. Aluminum Sash Reinforcement
5. Multi-Chamber Frame
6. Casement Operators
7. Knuckle Leaf Hinge
8. Extruded Screen Frame

Picture & Acrylic Block

Create an eccentric perspective utilizing our various picture window configurations. For the ultimate in tranquility, try our acrylic block fixture. Acrylic block gently allows light in while creating an atmosphere of peaceful solitude.

Full, Half, Quarter Circle Picture

Windows like people, come in all shapes and sizes. To add spice and variety to a room, select one of our decorative fixed Picture Windows, including circle, quarter round, half circle, hexagon and expanded eyebrow.