Vinyl vs. Wood

The benefits of a vinyl door are numerous. Vinyl doors provide the timeless beauty and elegance of a wood door with none of the worry or needless maintenance. No longer will you have to paint your doors annually, worry about the warping or splitting of wood used in your doors, nor the possibilities of dry rot or the infestation of termites. Your new Yellow Dog Windows Lanai Series vinyl-hinge door will bring you endless years of energy efficient, worry-free, maintenance-free, style and durability.

  • Heavy- All Vinyl Door with Aluminum Reinforced Subframe
  • True Stile and Rail Door System
  • Operable Sidelights
  • In-swing and Out-swing
  • Standard Bore Hardware
  • 4 way Adjustable Hinges
  • Continuous Welded Frame
  • Special Sizes Available
  • Brickmold Replacement Fin