For your convenience, we have created downloadable PDF files with the instructions for all Yellow Dog Windows, Inc.’s replacement windows and doors. If you are interested in installing any of the high-quality products featured in our online catalog, please refer to the installation instructions listed below.

Yellow Dog Replacement Window Installation PDF files:

Block Frame Instructions (202 KB)

Retrofit Instructions (399 KB)

New Construction Integral Mounting Flange Frame
(544 KB)

Maintenance Guide (1730 KB)

Products with specific installation requirements:

5000 Series French Vinyl Hinge Door (638 KB)

5300 Series Garden Window New Construction (564 KB)

5300 Retrofit Garden Window (1.23 MB)

5365 Flush Fin Window (467 KB)

5600 Door (678 KB)

5800 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Door (796 KB)

5900 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Door (1096 KB)

6800/6900 Series Family of Inside Patio Doors (972 KB)

7620 Series Patio Doors (1.69 MB)

7800 Door (630 KB)

8800 Door (2.02 MB)

8900 Door (1.28 MB)

9300 Series Single Hung Windows (462 KB)

9300 Series Horizontal Sliding Windows (415 KB)

9300 Series Casement Windows (401 KB)

9300 Series Picture Windows (394 KB)